Infuse for Instagram

Instantly add the perfect hashtags to your Instagram post. 📸

#2 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2017

Infuse App is the effortless way to add lots of hashtags to your caption on Instagram. You no longer need to leave Instagram, go open another app to copy your favorite collections of hashtags, then come back to Instagram and paste. Just choose a word in your caption, to automatically find and importthe category of trendy hashtags that relates to it

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It would be nice to have an iOS version or web to test. 😕
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@dredurr You're right. I shall find a way to make it available for iOS. But it would be very nice if anyone is willing to work on it with me. That's would be great
@thilawfab I would like to help as much as I can
@onurgenes fine. My inbox is shoot an email and we shall discuss the details : design, terms of collaboration, etc...
@thilawfab I dropped you an email too, I’m sure we can figure out something!
@onurgenes @gmail @thilawfab Im interested as well, will shoot you an email
[Android users cackling in the distance as they download a good Instagram-related app before iOS]
Very interesting...
@techiexpert thank you for your interest in the work
ios version please.
Good idea! I want this app, but I have iOS
@anna_komok We are ready for developing an iOS version for Infuse app. Will broadcast here when it's ready. Stay tuned :)
@thilawfab Looks awesome. Super interested in the iOS version!