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I subscribe to dozens of email newsletters and Informerly is becoming a favorite. Plug in your interests (for me: (1) restaurants, (2) online travel and (3) email) and Informerly curates a selection of weekly reads. The rise of curation in email, from @ow's Charged Newsletter (hunted here: to @benedictevans' excellent mobile newsletter ( to @theSkimm, is a prevalent use case I've noticed. Plus, @ranjanxroy is a very thoughtful founder in this space. Hopefully we can grab him for an AMA in this hunt!
Big fan of curation plays. This lander needs and example email badly. Would love to hear how it works, as well as any monetization ideas the team has.
@dshan Thanks Derek. There are two key differentiators we think have made personalization / automated curation work for us. First, we've been taking a verticalized approach. We started with a focus on ecommerce + retail, and have slowly been adding feeds related to media + advertising, financial services, and more general tech + startups. We believe you need to really understand the content and the types of users you'll be serving to "get it right". A lot of the personalized newsfeed products that effectively try to curate the entire internet at once for everybody, end up spread too thin. Second, and most critical to us: We want to know who every user actually is. We're using FullContact to match all email signups against public social profile data (LinkedIn is the most important to us). When someone signs up, we try to pull their job title, who they work for and where they're based. That helps build the initial interest string. If the user fills out the Typeform with specific interests as Dave did (restaurants, email newsletters) then those take priority in the user's interest string. That extra step of pulling job info on the users behalf we think has been one of the most critical parts of the product being, we hope, good. The more users we get, the better we get at understanding the particular information needs of different user personas (i.e. the first marketing manager at Amazon might take a little work to think about, but the marginal effort for each additional user that has elements of that profile becomes less and less, ideally sloping towards zero or full automation). Hopefully not too long-winded an explanation. Most content personalization efforts only seem to focus on the content. We think categorizing the content effectively is just half of the game. To deliver relevant information, we think just as much effort needs to be put on understanding and management of the users - who they actually are / where they work / what information they need, etc. Curious what news reader products people out there are using, and also if any interesting efforts on the personalization front (not necessarily in news, even from Amazon, etc).