Hide your LinkedIn feed so you can focus on what matters.

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We've all had the issue: go to LinkedIn to quickly connect with someone or message them. But then, an article catches your eye. Then another article looks interesting. Then another. Before you know it, an hour has disappeared.

inFocus helps you stay focused on LinkedIn by showing/hiding your feed so you can focus on networking and relationships.

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Alex Sopinka
Alex SopinkaMaker@alexsopinka · Coder. Taco Lover.
Hey folks! A little tool I whipped up because LinkedIn is both a blessing and a curse. Inspiration from @chrisbuttenham. Ask me any questions you might have! Maybe I'll give away some free versions too 😎
Chris Buttenham
Chris Buttenham@chrisbuttenham · Founder & CEO -
I'll admit, I'm personally susceptible to the unlimited "feeds" in our modern day-to-day life. And recently I've began signing out of my social media accounts and lifting my head up from the glow of my phone screen. THEN, I realized I how addicted I was to ANY feed. I use LinkedI a lot for work, and every time I'd go to just search for something I'd be sucked into the vortex of the feed. When I looked for a "feed removal" tool within the Chrome extensions I honestly couldn't find one. So when Alex made InFocus, I was ecstatic. Seriously, if you're even remotely hindered by this.. try it out! I think everything in moderation is okay, but I certainly have fallen addicted to the dopamine associated with feeds/social platfroms and I'm trying to condition myself off that habit. InFocus helps.