Turning video content into measurable data

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Mateusz Serotiuk
Mateusz SerotiukHunter@serotiuk · Startup Consigliere
Hey guys, I wanted to hunt this, since I've been using Influency in a private beta for a while now and they are opening up to more users today. Great product that finally allowed me to work with clients on influencer marketing based on real data, not just assumptions.
Maciej Krupowies
Maciej KrupowiesMaker@maciejkrupowies · CEO, Influency
Thanks for this post, @serotiuk. Hey guys , this is Maciej - one of the Influency's creators. I was running two companies in the last years, both of them relied on its presence around influencers and content creators, and this was a painful experience as we couldn't get the numbers right. Once, I woke up and said - scr#w it, let's create an analytic tool that will help us. After using it for quite some time, we've seen CPA decrease as well as more and more successful campaigns over time when we learned how to use - yeah - our tool. Once we saw a real value in what we have created ourselves, we have decided to develop it further. Influency allows people interested in running video marketing campaigns on the most popular platforms, Twitch, and YouTube (coming this year), to make right business decisions based on sophisticated data analysis presented in a well‑structured and easy‑to‑read form. We are already tracking over 1 million Twitch channels - even the small ones with 30-50 viewers. The central idea behind it is to allow every company to find what it's looking for - from small startups to well-known brands trying to figure out their numbers and the most efficient way to engage the hardest-to-reach audience for the advertisers worldwide. Influency allows everyone to explore channels, games popularity, make channels' comparison or filter channels by multiple data dimensions including content language, audience engagement, average session time, the number of views or average & max concurrent viewers. With access to data updated every single minute, we want to differentiate our offer over the corporate Big Data companies demanding thousands of dollars for a report based on a short-term analysis which very often leads to incorrect business decisions - we've seen smaller channels outperform "Goliath" just because they had a dedicated audience. Decisions should be based upon sophisticated data, and this is where Influency comes in. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions - just reply here!
Blake Rubin
Blake Rubin@blakerubin1 · Real Estate Agent
I love the idea of being able to have measure data for videos!