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Target your competitor's Instagram audience via email/FB ads

Even if you are well situated or a new e-commerce brand, getting the attention of your competitors’ followers is always valuable.
B2C Businesses that we work with see:
👉 600% ROI from Email Marketing
👉 up to 10x better ROAS on FB Ads with custom audiences
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Hey ProductHunters - I am excited to sharе with you, part of what does. I am coming from the B2B space. What I learned is that email marketing is valuable only if you have: 🎯 Targeted Intent-based data 🧼 Clean, valid email list In the B2B world that is very easy to get with companies like DiscoverOrg, Zoominfo, Bombora, Metadata, Findthatlead and many more. But when it comes to B2C brands, suddenly your only options are using a random list bought online that is neither targeted nor relevant. That’s why we created You can easily get people that follow specific brands, products, influencers, posted on hashtags or locations. Furthermore, we also filter the emails using 28 data points that we can to really make it customized to your targeted niche. Hope you like it! 😻
Interesting, might be good trying out the data with some e-commerce / drop shipping websites.
@volhansalai Thanks, those are our primary target clients. Schedule a call with us if you are interested for more info. 😎
Amazing product , good luck!
@metinferatii Thank you Metin, appreciate the support. 🙏
This looks like an awesome tool for targeting users interested in health and fitness. Not just for selling products/services, but growing social media presence as well!
@aleksandar_drenkovski Hey, you are totally right, we should talk about this when you have the time. Have a nice day. 🖐
These guys are fantastic. I purchased about 20k worth of contacts from them and the information was incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!
@sam_unruh Hey Sam, thanks for you support here. Have a great day friend :D