Influencer Provides a dose of Motivation at the right time by blocking distractions!

Influencer helps you to block websites which distract you from your goals by showing a kick-ass quote at the right time to get you back on track.

Add your own quotes for better productivity and motivation.

Influencer is available for both Chrome & Firefox.

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1 Review5.0/5
Created this extension for myself to block distracting websites but thought of releasing it. You can add your own quotes for better motivation and productivity. Sometimes what happens is you sit down at the computer, and you promise yourself that you'll be productive. Before you know it, six hours have been passed. You've browsed your email, updated your Facebook status, read every tweet in your Twitter feed, proudly googled yourself, browsed through all your high-school crushes' Instagram profiles and nothing have been done. Influencer will help you to get back on track by showing you a kick-ass quote at the right time.
ok I honestly thinnk this is a great idea it mos definitely meets A MAJOR NEED OUT HERE!!! The general consesus of people is they are lacking in motivation!!! U maybe onto a something here!!! but i did use the current version for a splitt moment and I do believe if you launch it to the world it mos certainly needs a more modern clean look!!! However after a minor tweek of that sort I think you can give this one to the world!!! and theyll love it!
@trinabella Thanks Trina for using it and sharing your feedback. I really appreciate it. I have dropped the development on this for a while but am still using it for blocking addicting websites. Going to start the development again and renovate it soon. I think feedback like yours is just the motivation I needed πŸ˜… Am gonna start working on it!