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Based purely on the design of your site. I do not trust you with my credit card numbers. Can you explain, how you find your influencers? Walk me through the process of how you will achieve 1,500 -3,000 increase in subscribers? I like to give people a chance to explain their vision, without sounding like an @$$hole ripping apart their idea.😀
@dredurr Great question! Apologies on the site design - work in progress ;) We have a team of a little over a dozen influencers in tech and gaming on YouTube that live stream regularly. When our influencers live stream they instruct their audience to follow a few steps in their video description for a chance to win products and services (amazon gift cards, iPhone cases, coupons codes, etc.) Effectively a stronger version of a traditional giveaway. These steps in the stream description are instructing audiences to subscribe, view, like, share, or comment on our happy customers YouTube channels :) This new process makes 100% of the new subscribers organic and hyperactive. Do you have a YouTube channel you'd like to grow @dredurr?
Where is your Facbook page? Twitter account ? somthing?
@adigold1 Great feedback! We are adding social pages to the website. Here is one of our Instagram pages ( https://www.instagram.com/coding...) and one of our YouTube channels (https://www.youtube.com/user/Ad3...) for reference.
@stvmcg @adigold1 I love the idea of this and ready to go. However, this guy has 25k subs and his videos are getting super minimal views?
IIAB started as a fun project a few months ago. Now IIAB has helped dozens of CEOs, developers, entertainers, and designers, build an audience organically on YouTube with live streaming. Since hundreds of services are catering to influencers on YouTube but none are helping create influential people in their niche, it's time for a change. Fun fact: one of the first CEOs to use IIAB referred to it as the "Become Tai Lopez" software.
@stvmcg There should be "startup accelerators" but for influencers. Coaching, personal training, networking, stylists, studio space, etc. I see this as being one part in that bigger picture.
@tombielecki I agree. We've been helping dozens of startups and CEOs become influential each month. IIAB may move into something bigger but for now the education curve is steep enough for most people interested in growing an audience. Feel free to shoot me an email thestevemcgarry@gmail.com. We offer discounts for founders ;)