#3 Product of the DayApril 30, 2020
Influencer Analytics by Interceptd enables you to analyze influencer audience, engagement, URLs, posts and reach in-depth before, during and after an Instagram influencer campaign.
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Thanks a lot @pollock for hunting us! Hello Product Hunt! 😻 As Interceptd, we are happy to announce the newest member of our product family, Influencer Analytics, a comprehensive tool for analyzing, tracking and monitoring Instagram influencer campaigns. The unchecked and nontransparent nature of influencer marketing is a major challenge. Influencer follower and engagement fraud deters the effectiveness of influencer campaigns. Our new product aims to solve this problem by providing all marketers the technology and cutting-edge algorithms to support their campaigns. Here is the snapshot of its most powerful features: - Add influencers to your list and analyze influencer audience/engagement quality, reach and past performances before starting a campaign - Search for specific keywords used and competitors mentioned by your influencers to ensure brand safety - Track your campaign posts and influencer-specific tracking links that you generated - Monitor any fraudulent activity that might occur in your live campaigns - Measure your campaign performances including metrics like CPE, reach, engagement rate and many more With Influencer Analytics improve your campaigns by accessing essential audience/engagement data and selecting right influencers with confidence. Gain control of your influencer campaigns and make most out of your budget. It's time to create transparent, measurable and fraud-free influencer campaigns! We'd really appreciate to get some feedback and answer your questions 🤓 P.S. We offer %20 off 3 months monthly subscription for Product Hunt Community (promo code: producthunt20) 😉
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Slick tool that helps you break through the noise when dealing with influencer marketing (i.e. true engagement stats).
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@pollock Thanks a lot for hunting us, we really appreciate it! 😻
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Lack of transparency for Influencer and micro influencer promotions is a big challenge. Asking for Instagram account login doesn't work everytime and it is next to impossible when working with multiple influencers all at once. This seems like a lightweight solution for both understanding the authenticity and the quality of each influencer on a single platform without asking for their login info!
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@etunch couldn’t explain better, feeling so lucky to have your support! :)
Amazing product for brand marketers! This tool will radically change the world of influencer marketing and will provide more accurate data to set more effective strategies.
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@mustafa_altintug1 hope so, thanks a lot for your support:)
Congratulations Intercepted team for adding up another excellent feature rich product in your lineup.
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@ajay_lathiya Thanks a lot Ajay for your support :)
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