Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

The book on persuasion that explains why people say yes.

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Karel Vuong
Karel VuongHunter@karelvuong · GM, Diagram + Head of Community, Portag3
A great and easily digestible read on psychology and consumer behavior. Many of the points made in the book can be taken out and applied, especially within the realm of sales and marketing. Would definitely recommend to those of you who want to understand influence and persuasion.
Hunter Walk
Hunter Walk@hunterwalk · Partner, Homebrew
If there was just one book every entrepreneur should read it's this one. And probably read annually given the fact we're all so susceptible to these types of interactions.
Ed White
Ed White@spyhi · Unaffiliated superconnector in Honolulu
This is one of the few books that I don't openly recommend because the insights are so powerful, I'm afraid those who I recommend it to will be suspicious I've been using the techniques on them! It's an excellent book with knowledge which could almost be considered a weapon--a must read.
ajo a.
ajo a.@ajoabraham · ceo/founder: vero analytics &
This is a must read. I will likely re-read this several times. Pre-Suasion looks interesting as well from Cialdini.
Mike Stenhouse
Mike Stenhouse@mikesten · Designer and programmer
One of the most eye opening books I've ever read and the one I gift the most. Absolutely fascinating! I use the principles Cialdini outlines here every day in my UX work.