Self-service influencer marketing platform.

Influanza is a marketplace where marketers collaborate with content creators to reach the right audience and create customer engagement.

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Welcome on board guys 🙌🏻
Thanks, @_selcukahmet ✌️it's good to see you.
Nice! I was trying to find influencers in India for 30+ aged audience and I didn't do very well. Do you guys have that specific influencer community?
Hi @shrutikaushikit. Thank you for your interest in Influanza. Even our main focus is on European market there is a small community of influencers in India. The age range of this community is between 25 and 35. I suggest you to create a free campaign and see the results in action. They can only be aware of you, only if you open a campaign on the platform.
Just out of curiousity, why the 20 character limit for passwords? LastPass's default is 25. It's not that big of a deal but I'm always curious why people have a limit this low. Relevant XKCD:
Hi @zsshearer, I realized the situation when I saw the XKCD :) It's an interesting subject to do some research on. If its is something that might create a security issue, than we should change the character limit. Thanks.
@selcuk_kiziltug Hi. Are you guys still in business?