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Humm.. not sure about this product. The size of the object seems a bit big. Maybe i'm wrong, but 20mm to put in your back pocket, it mustn't be really confortable to carry around. And to conclude, pretty much expensive as well for what it is.
@sean_t Agree on size of cubes. Scaled down seems like it might be easier to hold in your hand Also, I don't see many people carrying these around. Fidget cube doesn't exactly slide into your pocket either. Pretty sure most people leave these at their desks
@kristofertm Scaled down should work. But when you see the woman in the bus at 20sec, you see that it's a bit to big.
To me this seems more like a toy rather than something to mindlessly fidget with, but whatever you want to call it, it looks like fun.
I'm already broke after buying Fidget cubes & Hand spinners :(
@tsunaze me and you both...
This toy will be perfect for kids to learn geometry. You have rectangle and cube, and just square. But this guys obviously want to make it to the pop culture. Which is wrong market.
I like the idea. Like some others in Discussion, I'm wondering about the size.