Infinitweet Chrome 5.0

Tweet any text, from any webpage, of any length.

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The first version of Infinitweet was a runaway success on ProductHunt, so I'm excited to bring the convenience of the original app's no character limits to just a click away from any webpage!
@rubencodes A Chrome version is just what was needed. Thank you.
@abhisihelp My pleasure! Only reason I'd yet to do it was figuring out the mechanics of the Twitter API took about 1-2 days of trial and error. πŸ˜…
Why are Chrome-only extensions so popular? This just reminds me of the IE-dominated era of the early 2000s.
@jasonology extensions are coded Into the browser so you cant make them universal. A true web-app would be multiplatform.
@jasonology The first version of this was actually a web app, but what I found was missing was the convenience of being able to right click and have the tool at your disposal. The code is entirely HTML/JS, and there's nothing stopping me from having it on a website (I did for a while), but without that immediate convenience, usage was pretty low!
Hey! Tried it on my twitter profile, doesn't seem to work though. Would love to watch it work though. One doubt- does it show up on search results (in Twitter at least)? Since it says it will be shared as an image, I was wondering. Let me know if and when the bug gets fixed! Thanks