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I think people using this need to consider the other people on the end of this tweet, do we really want to end up in a situation where every tweet in a timeline is an image we need to expand just because everyone though they could tweet as much as they want?
@callumj Hello Callum! I certainly think that is a perfectly valid concern. My goal with Infinitweet is not to clog up Twitter or make it more of a hassle to consume bite-sized pieces of information; Infinitweet is for those times when you need just a few more characters to get the point across, or perhaps to share a quote or excerpt from an article you think is worthwhile. Additionally, the opportunity for spreading yor message through different fonts, sizes, colors, etc is really valuable, and I think it could make Twitter an even more vibrant community.
For when you need to squeeze in an extra few characters to get your message across, this app is a lifesaver! I built this for myself (an overactive Twitter user), and am excited to share it with the world. Hope everyone finds it as useful as I have. Thank you!