Infinite Tabs Manager

A new and better way to organise all tabs.

Infinite Tabs Manager is your friendly neighbourhood browser Extension which will help you organise your messy Tabs and group them into a handy Dashboard. You can group by selecting multiple tabs , group tabs from the same site and Group every Tabs with a single click. Yeah IKR, its just Awesome. Try it out and Let us know what you think :)

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  • Ram SubramanianWeb Developer, Brandexponents

    1. Smart Organizing abilities with powerful dashboard.

    2. Searching through tabs.

    3. Will not affect tabs playing video.


    Nothing so far.

    A super handy tool to stop chrome from eating my RAM.

    Ram Subramanian has used this product for one month.


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Eric George Riley@ericgeorgeriley · Software Developer
Says it works with Chrome and Firefox but the download link goes to chrome's app store. Where is the Firefox version?
Thanga Balaji SMaker@sooper_bala · Web developer, Brand Exponents
@ericgeorgeriley thank you for your interest. we are currently working on it, we'll be launching it in a day or two :)
»@devthewild · None
@sooper_bala when will be released on firefox? ;(
Thanga Balaji SMaker@sooper_bala · Web developer, Brand Exponents
@devthewild sorry for the late update, it is now available on firefox :)
Serge Dibao@sdibao · Grow hacker.
@smaran I installed the app, the UI looks amazing! I feel the UX can be improved. Maybe add a ( +) to create new groups. But good Idea!
SmaranMaker@brownhuman · UI Designer
Hey @sdibao Glad you've liked our extension and thanks for your valuable suggestion. We are working on some more UX Improvements for the upcoming update :)
Raphaël Chabaud@raphchabaud · Growth & Product Marketer
Too limited. There are better tabs management tools on the market (toby, onetab, sessionbuddy...)
Thanga Balaji SMaker@sooper_bala · Web developer, Brand Exponents
Hey @raphchabaud, this application is currently in “Hey, this is what I’m creating. What do you think?” stage, we're planning to release more features in the near future :)
Jake Tran@jake_tran · Account Planner
Put create your own group and allow to pin a created group when I launch browser, then I am totally in. I am keenly waiting for these features. Better than the current tab manager Workona recently on PH
SmaranMaker@brownhuman · UI Designer
Hello @jake_tran ... Thanks for letting us know :'D. Yes the Grouping option is in our to do list for the next update.. Make sure you subscribe to be notified :)
Great product - amazing idea! However, I just noticed that the "Privacy Policy"-link on the Chrome extension page is leading to which essentially looks like a dead webpage. How come?
Thanga Balaji SMaker@sooper_bala · Web developer, Brand Exponents
@juarry LOL! Free hosting screwed it up, Thanks for bringing it to our notice. We'll update it soon ☺️