Infinite Tabs Manager is your friendly neighbourhood browser Extension which will help you organise your messy Tabs and group them into a handy Dashboard. You can group by selecting multiple tabs , group tabs from the same site and Group every Tabs with a single click. Yeah IKR, its just Awesome. Try it out and Let us know what you think :)

Prakash Chockalingam
Serge Dibao
Ram Subramanian
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  • Ram Subramanian
    Ram SubramanianWeb Developer, Brandexponents

    1. Smart Organizing abilities with powerful dashboard.

    2. Searching through tabs.

    3. Will not affect tabs playing video.


    Nothing so far.

    A super handy tool to stop chrome from eating my RAM.

    Ram Subramanian has used this product for one month.
Says it works with Chrome and Firefox but the download link goes to chrome's app store. Where is the Firefox version?
@ericgeorgeriley thank you for your interest. we are currently working on it, we'll be launching it in a day or two :)
@sooper_bala when will be released on firefox? ;(
@devthewild sorry for the late update, it is now available on firefox :)
@smaran I installed the app, the UI looks amazing! I feel the UX can be improved. Maybe add a ( +) to create new groups. But good Idea!
Hey @sdibao Glad you've liked our extension and thanks for your valuable suggestion. We are working on some more UX Improvements for the upcoming update :)
Too limited. There are better tabs management tools on the market (toby, onetab, sessionbuddy...)
Hey @raphchabaud, this application is currently in “Hey, this is what I’m creating. What do you think?” stage, we're planning to release more features in the near future :)
Put create your own group and allow to pin a created group when I launch browser, then I am totally in. I am keenly waiting for these features. Better than the current tab manager Workona recently on PH
Hello @jake_tran ... Thanks for letting us know :'D. Yes the Grouping option is in our to do list for the next update.. Make sure you subscribe to be notified :)
Great product - amazing idea! However, I just noticed that the "Privacy Policy"-link on the Chrome extension page is leading to which essentially looks like a dead webpage. How come?
@juarry LOL! Free hosting screwed it up, Thanks for bringing it to our notice. We'll update it soon ☺️