Infinite Jest

DFW's magnum opus on culture, entertainment, and addiction

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TJ ConnellyHunter@senatorjohn · onthebar
Over 1300 pages long and including more than 300 endnotes, David Foster Wallace's 1996 novel is an eerily prescient vision of the future of entertainment and digital culture.
Peter Kelly@wikipetera
What a stone classic! For all of the err, critical baggage, and endless back and forth that DFW's legacy continues to inspire, the novel stands strong on its own - incredibly funny, painful, touching, mind-boggling, and just outright fun. Don't let the girth scare you - the book is a blast. And for anyone confused by the "ending," here's a helpful link:
Micah Ghoulish@micahkulish · Co-Founder of Can I Stay with you whi...
truly the greatest piece of fiction of our generation.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · Community Growth at
My favorite book.