Infinite Blocks

Fight against time to survive in this addictive puzzle game!

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Leonardo Dalmina
Leonardo DalminaHunter@leonardo_dalmina
I present you Infinite Blocks, the puzzle game that goes beyond the traditional Tetris. PRODUCT HUNT'S SPECIAL LAUNCH PASSWORDS: Password -> Reward -------------- 10181063 -> 400 Bronze Blocks 10281063 -> 300 Silver Blocks 10381063 -> 200 Golden Blocks 10481063 -> 100 Diamond Blocks 10581063 -> 8 Power-Up Tickets HOW THIS GAME WAS MADE: A friend of mine was talking about how cool would be if a game like Tetris was created, but giving you the ability to use Power-Ups to make things more interesting. I've accepted the challenge and started to develop this game. During the prototype phase, i realized that this wouldn't be good enough to make this game unique, and then i decided to take away the scenario limits and added a clock to be your toughest opponent! From this, ideas started to appear very quickly, like blocks exploding when touched by your fingers, special blocks transformations, next pieces preview and manipulation, freezing clock, speed reduction and BOOM!, the game was created! Now talking seriously, do you wanna know one of the best things about Infinite Blocks? Is completely FREE!!! That's right, i said FREE! Of course you can pay to advance in the game faster, but i can assure you that this game was designed to provide you uncountable hours of fun, with no waiting time, no abusive hearts, and no exclusive items that can only be obtained with real cash. When i say free, i really mean it! Try the game and confirm that you can complete it 100% without spending a single penny! There's a total of 100 Achievements to unlock and 4 Leaderboards to compete with your friends, but even it you don't like those things, you still will have lots of fun playing it! Note: the passwords can be activated by touch the PASSWORDS menu at the OPTIONS screen.