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Hey everyone, nice to be featured on Product Hunt! We just released our screenshot sharer tool on top of our Windows app. So now you can also capture and auto-upload screenshots in the cloud as well as sending files of any size to your contacts or between your devices. You can see it in action on this page: https://infinit.io/features/file... Let me know if you have any questions or feedback :)
@cadeuh on the privacy and encryption side of things it's a little confusing as to when you upload something to be shared to "the cloud" vs when a file never touches a public cloud and is a direct p2p transfer. Eg is it a direct p2p transfer when I have infinit installed and I share a link to a file / folder to someone without infinit? Are the files encrypted? Could you run us through the cases when it's uploaded to he cloud. eg on reading your FAQ when the user is offline is one case (how do you know if they're offline if they don't have infinit installed?)... Also if it is sent to the cloud is the file encrypted in transit and at rest on the cloud? Who's servers do you use and where are they located? Thanks!
@mattdickinson @jannis Hey guys. Basically you can have three types of transfers : - sending to an Infinit user: if the recipient is online, then it's purely a direct p2p transfer. If the recipient is or goes offline, then we upload the encrypted blocks of the files to the cloud so that when he comes back online he'll be able to download the missing parts without you being online. But everything stays encrypted the same way and everything is deleted when the transfer is finished. - sending to a non-Infinit user (via email for ex): the recipient has the choice between downloading the files directly from the cloud (think of WeTransfer), or getting the files by installing Infinit (not encrypted). - generating links: purely in the cloud like Dropbox for example. Our servers (Google, Amazon & DigitalOcean) are all in the US. Hope that clears it up :)
@cadeuh thanks... and for that 3rd option -generating links: thats not encrypted either right?
I like the speed of Infinit.
I love this!! I just switched over from using Dropbox screenshot sharing. I took me like 2 minutes of infinite testing to make the switch. Thank you. And I can't wait to share files with this intuitive tool! Upvote, upvote, upvote!
Awesome! Used Infinit in the past and it worked great. Tried reinstalling it today and can't get past installation. Repro:
@mrpatrickrogers can you try downloading the installer from this url? https://download.infinit.io/maco...
@jtown_ @mrpatrickrogers can you try downloading the installer from this url? https://download.infinit.io/maco...
I absolutely love Infinit! Our team at Tutum uses it internally all the time, and I've forced my family and girlfriend to use it too (that's when you know a product is great)
@kickingthetv haha, I know that feeling.. It's like when I found Slack and Sketch.
@nichlaswa haha yeah...I do force my girlfriend to use Slack with me now.