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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 26, 2018

InfiniGrow is an AI-driven marketing planning and analytics platform that enables SaaS marketing teams to optimally allocate their budget across the right channels to achieve their KPIs and maximize performance.

  • Aazar Ali Shad
    Aazar Ali ShadProduct Experience Layer - Userpilot

    Looks great product


    A bit pricy for startups

    Good luck team InfiniGrow!

    Aazar Ali Shad has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Super simple and needed



    Would like to see this in action on large budgets.

    Ron Kimhi has used this product for one day.
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Daniel Meler
Daniel MelerMaker@daniel_meler · Co-Founder & CEO, InfiniGrow
Hey hunters! 😻 Daniel from InfiniGrow here. First off, a BIG thanks to @benln for hunting us! Super excited to be here. InfiniGrow is an AI-driven marketing planning and analytics platform that empowers marketing teams to achieve their goals and maximize performance by optimizing budget allocation across the right channels (online & offline). We built InfiniGrow to enable marketing leaders and their teams to effectively & efficiently invest their resources across all marketing channels & activities, allowing them to focus on the execution and the creative work, without worrying about all the numbers and the “guesswork” that surrounds it. In practice, the platform automatically collects, analyzes and extracts actionable intelligence from vast amounts of performance and market data for you. It gives you the complete picture of how are you doing, and what’s the exact impact each marketing activity and investment has created and is going to create across different KPIs. And finally, it provides you with step-by-step guidance that takes the guesswork out of ongoing budget allocation decisions to achieve your goals and maximize business impact. Basically, InfiniGrow acts as your marketing navigation system, enabling you to reach your goals using the best possible marketing route. 🚀 I’d love to hear your feedback and answer your questions!
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@benln @daniel_meler Congrats on launching! This is a compelling offer, could you speak more to what role the AI plays, and how you measure the impact of activity and investment?
Daniel Meler
Daniel MelerMaker@daniel_meler · Co-Founder & CEO, InfiniGrow
Thanks for the feedback @abadesi InfiniGrow’s tech provides marketers with the best recommendations at the moment according to market data and actual marketing and sales performance to date. InfiniGrow’s engine automatically collects and analyzes vast amounts of performance and market data. Then, we apply advanced AI & ML algorithms on top of the collected data to predict outcomes for any actions and scenarios. The engine also leverages advanced attribution methodologies to calculate investment effectiveness and iteratively improve its predictions. The output is ongoing, up-to-date budget allocation suggestions for each user to empower her to reach her KPIs and maximize performance according to those KPIs. For example, a marketer ready to update their budget across channels can select ‘new scenario’ in InfiniGrow’s planning module and receive recommendations from InfiniGrow’s AI engine in line with the company KPIs. The marketer can then follow some or all of InfiniGrow’s recommendations OR define their own budget updates based on InfiniGrow’s forecasts for each scenario and action, and optimize it on an ongoing basis with new recommendations when new data is processed.
Hey, @daniel_meler, congrats on your launch! Definitely looks like it could be valuable, but curious: what model is your attribution based on? (1st / last / multi-...?) As a marketer, it's tough for me to have confidence in the system's recommendations without understanding the inputs/assumptions behind the recos. Thanks in advance for the reply!
Daniel Meler
Daniel MelerMaker@daniel_meler · Co-Founder & CEO, InfiniGrow
@mike_sonders Thanks for the feedback! We're actually working with all common attribution models (first, last, and 5 other multitouch), but we also have our own custom model that is built dynamically for each customer based on its profile and data, and being updated on an ongoing basis.
@daniel_meler Nice, love the flexibility of classic + special sauce approach. :) Appreciate the clarity.
Tomer Aharon
Tomer Aharon@tomer_aharon · Co-Founder of Poptin, Prospero & Premio
Looks awesome guys! Good luck 😃
Ryan Abrams
Ryan AbramsMaker@ryabrams · Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer! 👏
Yam Regev
Yam Regev@yam_regev · Co-Founder, CEO & CMO at
Oh la la!! Great teams always come up with superb products. Love your straight foreword and descriptive pricing page (! Quite rare in the Martech landscape. Would you mind to explain a little bit further about the persona who most likely enjoy your product the most? E.g. Mature product-based companies? Big agencies? Maybe super freelancers? Would love to hear about it and recommend to fellow colleagues accordingly. Good vibes and tnu barosh <3
Daniel Meler
Daniel MelerMaker@daniel_meler · Co-Founder & CEO, InfiniGrow
Hey @yam_regev, Thanks for the detailed feedback. Much appreciated! InfiniGrow really caters well to mid-size SaaS marketing teams that have considerable budgets and need to show ROI on their marketing efforts. When you have multiple channels and lots of data, it can be hard to get a proper overview of your marketing efforts and understand where should your budget go to in order to drive the best results (according to your KPIs). Often times, we get tunnel visioned into specific channels (ie. move my budget between different campaigns in Google Ads to hit my MQL KPI) but don’t necessarily see the big picture (ie. move budget from one channel to another or even from a channel category to another to increase MQLs by X%). That’s what we aim to solve with medium sized SaaS companies and their marketing teams.
Roie Labes
Roie Labes@roie_lab
Looking amazing ! will give it a try
Ryan Abrams
Ryan AbramsMaker@ryabrams · Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
Awesome @roie_lab! Let us know if you need anything. We're here all day!
Olga Mykhoparkina
Olga Mykhoparkina@olga_mykhoparkina · CMO at Chanty
Nice job! Congrats on the launch!
Ryan Abrams
Ryan AbramsMaker@ryabrams · Director of Marketing @ InfiniGrow
Thanks so much @olga_mykhoparkina! 🤟