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#2 Product of the DayNovember 30, 2015
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thisproductnameishardtoread Otherwise, great job streamlining the resume-creation process. I remember wrestling with margins and formatting back in college.
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@rrhoover That's actually one of the things I regret! I wasn't even planning on putting the site up, then a few people said I should, so I grabbed the first clever-sounding domain name I could find! haha.
@sleumasm haha, it could be a lot worse. Some people unknowingly name their company an offensive curse word in another language. 😁
Alright, @rrhoover ... still struggling with this problem with version 3 coming soon. I need help!
Love this idea. Just got finish looking for a new job and spent most of my time on the d@mn resume! I like the suggested sentences as well. People have a hard time creating the sentence but less of a hard time editing one. I wanted to do something like this for people who were recently released from prison. This would be such a big help for them. Great job Mr Mitch!
@youngfonz Glad you like it! I agree, it'd be an awesome tool for people getting out of prison! I've also been working with a few non-profit job placement programs (for refugees, etc) to make custom options for use with their clients. This not exactly something made for designers, etc, who can create their own awesome resume in Photoshop or whatever, but my goal is to get this to the people who really need it and don't have the skills to create their own nice resume (like refugees, or those recently released from prison)!
Thanks for posting it, Kate! Version 1 was posted to Product Hunt back in March unexpectedly (I wasn't even planning on putting it online) and people seemed to like it! I spent less than 5 hours making version 1, and there were several problems with it, so I decided now was a good time to redo it. I sifted through over 100 emails with feedback and suggestions and added the most requested features. I built it from the ground up using Angular, which allowed me to make it much faster and add a lot more customization options! If anyone finds a bug or has any suggestions on what could make it better, please let me know!
How is this any different than VisualCV or Resume Builder?
@ekryski Completely free, no branding, no account required, your data isn't saved anywhere except locally on your computer, super simple. Basically it's just preference. And to be honest this was just a fun side project.
A helpful project.
@bohdanvorona Thanks! That was my goal! I just want to get it out to the people who need it and can use it most!