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Indoorway is a smart building solution which enables precise indoor positioning and analysis of foot traffic within facilities.It opens up a wide range of possibilities for venue owners to make data-driven decisions based on advanced statistics. It’s been designed also for property managers and marketing teams to improve performance of any business facility. By offering precise digital maps and delivering customized, location-based messages straight to end-users’ mobile devices, Indoorway helps increases customer engagement and boosts user experience.
I know the team behind Indoorway and I had an opportunity to see how the product works IRL. I hope to see it soon in airports (I'm always lost in these 😅), shopping malls and other complicated venues. Good luck guys!
First of all, thanks for all the kind words that you write about us. I also thank everyone who voted for us! 👊 We put a lot of work as a team in the development of the product. Now time to digitize the world! ;)
Hello Product Hunt! We're very excited to be featured here 🎉 After 2 years of hard work now we are waiting for your feedback. Any crazy ideas where you can launch an indoor location system? 😄
This is the type of tech I want to have and to work with. Super exciting.
@treggify Glad you like it! If you have any questions feel free to ask.