Become a master of constructing any type of conversation

Important conversation, complicated negotiations, confusing correspondence in a messenger — it is better to prepare for such things in advance. It is for this purpose that inDispute is created, together with it, it is easier to make a good impression, use an argument appropriately or react quickly to an intrigue.

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I kind of get it but your examples are very confusing and the site doesn't clearly explain what it is you do. Also, who has serious negotiations via text messages?
@scotty_bowler Thank you for noticing the application, it's very interesting what exactly confuses in the examples, I would like to make them better. The main idea of the application is to control complex conversations. Sometimes a right conversation can turn into a good bonus, and sometimes ruin a relationship. So, being aware of the importance of some conversations, one should not let them go on their own, here inDispute can be useful. Of course, important negotiations usually do not start on SMS and are not conducted in instant messengers, but, having started in personal communication, negotiations can sometimes spread to other formats of communication, including text messages. It is advisable to be in the context of the conversation, regardless of the form in which it caught you.
@shortki please don't take this the wrong way as my intention is to help.. I'm assuming English isn't your first language? I'd really recommend asking a translator to help you do the content as I think the language issues are causing the confusion.
@scotty_bowler Thanks for the advice, I will take note of it.
This would be perfect for Tinder scripts.
Nice concept, do you plan to create an Android version?
@aviggiano ahem. Tinder. Cough cough.
@aviggiano Not in the near future — first I want to check how users will take the application, as the conception is completely new.
$4.99, is there a way to try this before paying?
@musictriage Sorry, but right now this is the only option.
@shortki this looks promising 🙌 What made you want to build this and what features do you plan on adding soon?
@amrith Once I had rather long negotiations, and the parties sometimes forgot some of the arguments, often repeated — it was very tiring 🤦‍♂️. And the minutes of the conversations were difficult to understand, because it was not clear which phrase refers to which. This is the way how the idea arose. So far I listen to the thoughts of users. But if there are no interesting ideas, I plan to make it possible to exchange the conversation plan between the parties in order to replace disputes with pleasant communication 😺.