Remix the Internet

Just saw these guys demo at TractionConf in Vancouver. Really impressive product.
@markhazlett Thanks Mark! I am stoked to hear that you dig the product.
Just played around with it after the (helpful) tutorial! Quite fun; surprised it isn't on here yet :)
@pablosmith_ It was a little late, but I think we are finally at the party! I would LOVE to get your two cents on the design of this bad boy!
@erikashdown @pablosmith_ Could be worked on and is glitchy at times, especially when switching from the editor to the "song choose/homepage thing"
Thanks for the note! @pablosmith_ is that on iOS, Android, or Web? We used phone gap for mobile and know that there are some latency issues which we are addressing as they come up. Is there anything else you found off that could be improved?
@erikashdown @pablosmith_ Web, I'd also rather email or Skype if you want more comments from my end since ProductHunt comments are not necessarily the best for discussing designs :) (