Customizable widgets for your Notion docs

Easily add customizable widgets into your Notion docs. Our current library of widgets includes:
• Google Calendar (yes, even private ones!)
• Weather
• Life Progress Bar
• Motivational Quotes
More widgets coming soon, sign up to stay tuned! ✨
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Thank you @temirlan and hello PH 👋 Thanks for visiting our launch page! We use Notion for basically everything, and were inspired by their vision to create building blocks for people to solve their own problems. We wanted to push this vision even further, so we built Indify: a platform of customizable widgets created for Notion. New widgets released every month! ✨ We'd greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have 🙏 Feel free to sign up for early access, or join our Facebook group to share your ideas!
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@temirlan @alex_madrzyk This is ironically pretty timely for me as I was introduced to Notion just a week or so ago! I love the idea of releasing new widgets every month -- great way to possibly start to build a community around this product. Cool job! :D
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@temirlan @alex_madrzyk Congratulations team. Indify will be making Notion look even better. Cheers
@temirlan @alex_madrzyk @adammarx13 Thank you Adam! Stay tuned 😎
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@temirlan @alex_madrzyk @rahulvats Yes, that's our goal. Thank you !
@temirlan @alex_madrzyk @yucen_z Looking forward to it dude!
There's an increasingly amazing and passionate community of makers emerging around Notion and I'm so pumped to add Alex and Yucen to this group. I am definitely adding Indify widgets to my dashboard! @alex_madrzyk , @yucen_z & @jazammm what widgets are you thinking of adding beyond what you have on the landing page?
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@temirlan thanks for the hunt and for the great question! Totally agree on the first part – we've met incredible people in the Notion community and would love to give back :) We're obsessed with all the new productivity tools out there, so we're definitely going to be releasing at least a few widgets that help users become more efficient in their daily lives, especially while everyone's working from home! This may range from time tracking, personal finance, task management, etc. We're also excited to give our users more control, so we hope to launch a custom HTML embed widget in the near future as well. Of course, we always welcome any feedback and suggestions! 🙏
@temirlan Thanks Tem for hunting us! I want to add that I love how people use Notion to build websites. We'd also love to explore this area and help people make nice websites on Notion 😊.
@temirlan Thank you so much the support as our hunter :D We only want to release quality and driven by the growing community. With all the feedback we're getting from our users, only confident that there will be some cool new stuff inspired by what the community needs.
This is very helpful to me as a student and for my classes.
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@rachelzamoraa Hi Rachel, thank you! We are very happy that you enjoy the widgets.
Calendar integration is awesome! Excited to see what else you’ll add
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@tanthai Hey Tanthai, thank you! Stay tuned 😎
Yo this is awesome imma use it asap
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@worldofanshul Thank you 🙏 Appreciated!