A sneak peak at remote workspaces

IndieWorkspace is a gallery of remote workspaces around the world.

Have you ever wondered what the desks of other makers, indie hackers and remote workers look like? What tech do they use? What type of setup do they prefer to stay productive and efficient? Where are all the cool projects being made?

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I really love this! It's absolutely awesome! It's not selling that overhyped false lifestyle that many remote/coliving sites keep try sell us! Something I am tackling too, thanks a lot for this @jkostolansky
@graeme_fulton Exactly! I found many published blog posts and videos from geeks, gamers and tech enthusiast - that kind of setup with a lot of colorful flashing lights that, unfortunately, do not increase the overall focus and productivity. Or, the fake photos from digital nomads working from beaches and hammocks.
@graeme_fulton @jkostolansky Haha yeah, you're doing a mighty job painting the true picture, literally!
@jkostolansky haha yeah, this is much more authentic and realistic. Thanks a lot for making it, I'm adding my's just a 13" mac tbh with the location changing. I'd love to add a timeline of my workspaces! - Oh nice, I see you can add multiple workspaces, nice feature!
@graeme_fulton Thanks! You are able to add multiple workspaces under your account, so it can serve as a timeline. And I'm also considering a versioning option.
@jkostolansky Here is my first: Instragram account for this would be a cool addition if not too much extra work!
Hi Hunters! Recently I’ve been looking for a way to upgrade my remote workspace setup. And I’ve been curious about work desks of other remote people. Do the indie makers use a small light laptop in their favorite coffee shop, or a professional multi-monitor setup? Do they use monitor stands, VESA arms, or cardboard boxes? Do they prefer organized chaos, or order and minimalism? Do they work from their home, or a coworking space? So I've created a gallery of remote workspaces around the world to find out.
Cool idea, it's nice to see some of the setups 😄
@ruairidhwm Thank you very much, Ruairidh!
Love it! Would be nice to see the location of the workspace upfront! Best of luck!
@irhymeth Thank you so much, Arpit!
Haha, love this! Great concept. Good to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't work on a white-topped, flat-lay-for-Instagram-ready desk all the time. When I'm not at the office I like to work on my laptop on the kitchen floor. Snacks and big windows ftw.
@cathleenmadrona Thanks, Cathleen! On the kitchen floor? This sounds interesting. What about the ergonomics?