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    Helps one to find like minded people.


    The ones with the most followers aren't necessarily the best traders,

    Truly a great thing for the crypto community.

    Vitalik Nakamoto has used this product for one day.
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Camille Besse
Camille BesseMaker@camillebesse
Hello Hunters ✌ For a newcomer in crypto trading, it's pretty complex to find good crypto traders to follow on Twitter. It's a jungle with many $cashtags spam and fake accounts. That's why I created Indietraders, to easy discover the best crypto traders. You can sort them by votes or by followers. You can vote for your favorites and find their social links (youtube, medium, tradingview, telegram channel..) Don't hesitate if you have any feedbacks / questions.
Brice Maurin
Brice Maurin@b_maurin
Nice ! Thanks Camille. Did you notice a correlation between people in this list investing (or recommending to invest) in a crypto and the crypto's success ?
Camille Besse
Camille BesseMaker@camillebesse
@b_maurin Thank you Brice Yes, I think so. All industries / projects needs influencers to success. So yes, they contribute to the crypto growth.
Nicolas Le Roux
Nicolas Le RouxHunter@nico_lrx · Growth Marketer
Really cool product, simple & beautifully designed! Congratulations @camillebesse
Camille Besse
Camille BesseMaker@camillebesse
@nico_lrx Thank you Nicolas 🙏
William@wimgz · Compulsive maker
Very beautiful! Is there a way to see the strategies and actual successes of traders?
Camille Besse
Camille BesseMaker@camillebesse
@wimgz Thank you William ! In the V2, we'll add #hashtags to identify traders by what they share : #btc #altcoins #ico #TA #chartist etc..and their 3 favorites $cashtags (by crawling their Twitter timeline) About tracking traders success, it's impossible. That's why, the vote idea. If a trader help you, you vote for him (like kudos).
vincent stangret
vincent stangret@vstangret · trafic manager
Good job @camillebesse Congratulations