Discover independent podcasts by topic + request episodes

IndieCast helps you discover podcast episodes by topic rather than relying on the charts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, request an episode and we’ll let the relevant podcast hosts know.
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Hey PH community! I created IndieCast because I love podcasts but have found it difficult to find new shows on topics I’m interested in. IndieCast lets you search podcasts by topic rather than being confined to rigid categories. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can request episodes from podcast hosts using the platform. Once you submit your request, we’ll notify the relevant hosts. This is a free platform, so, if you host a podcast, register your show! If there’s more you’d like to see the platform do, let me know 🙌
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Lately, I was looking for something like this to find new podcasts to listen to. Great idea @maplethorpej 👏
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Thanks, @feriforgacs! Hopefully you can find a few new podcasts to binge :D
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Keep working this!


In the world where podcating is dominated by a few players (NPR, CNBC, Spotify etc), this is a much needed product.


Would include more categories. Try seraching for finance for example...

Thank you for the review! More categories will be added as we onboard new podcasts :)
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