Subscription service for collector's editions of indie games

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ClusterPuck 99 was part of the Super Win the Game box!
@phlcollective That is one of our most popular boxes! Your game + Minor Key's game + that amazing controller made a great box.
If you'd like to check it out in more detail, the website for IndieBox is and on twitter its @theindiebox
We are excited to announce this month’s box, @CapForeverRemix!
They've done special editions for games like Risk of Rain, Luftrausers and Rogue Legacy. In case you're the sort that needs to have something on a physical shelf, it's a pretty great service. @aireye and @indieboxliv will be joining us from 9am to 10am PT to answer questions about IndieBox this month's collector's edition: Captain Forever Remix!
How do you come up with the items in the box? Does the developer typically come to you with ideas or do you look at the game and then start working on what would work in the box?
@ryan_olsen Hi Ryan! It is actually a lot more collaborative than that. Once we know we're making the box, we set up a time for the teams to meet. The developer(s) jump on a Skype call with the IndieBox team, and we brainstorm for about an hour. Then we go figure out how to make those things, come up with a couple of different box ideas, and present them to the developer. We work with the developers to pick the most awesome box, and we start production!
@indieboxliv @ryan_olsen we also do a lot of brainstorming over slack. you can't come up with every good idea in just an hour or two -- you've got to give it a couple days to come up with the really cool ideas (I find my best ideas happen when i'm taking a hot shower!)