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Nice work, @rokkeds. 👍 We've seen a few "Product Hunt for games" surface in the past few months -- Gamamia and GameYay. I like the focus on indie games, in part because it's even more difficult for independent game makers to break through the noise and there are a LOT of good gems that never surface. cc @russfrushtick Where do you (and anyone else reading this comment) find new games?
@rrhoover @russfrushtick Thank you, Ryan! In answer to your question, there are a few really nice major indie communities like, and steam green light. Also hundreds of dev. blogs and forum threads) PS. BTW, I have tried to simplify it to a single post-list like PH doing as well)
This is cool. The world really needs something like this, now that the old problem of all-games-are-stale-genres has been replaced with the new problem of so-hard-to-separate-wheat-from-chaff.
Aloha! My name is Alex and I'm creator of Indiebound. "Indiebound is a community where indie games meet their players. It's a place for game creators to share the latest desktop and mobile games with the rest of the gaming-world!" Feel free to submit your fav. games and have fun! =)
Great job on design! I like the hybrid landing page of having a quick explanation banner and then getting right to the actual content. The tags are also great, although they can become redundant. For example someone will tag their game as "windows", "mac", "linux", and "cross-platform" when all they needed was the cross-platform tag. Any plans to address this?
Good concept, looking forward to seeing some awesome games get posted here... are you curating them yourself? Overall, the content is solid.. just would be better if you could present them more visually -- bigger thumbnails or better yet > animated gifs would be kick ass.
@kylewaring , thanks! Now we curating games by our small team and trying to grow community with active submitters. We have great plans and some cool features for future updates. Btw thanks for feedback and good advice!