As indies, we don't have limitless marketing budgets or sales teams. Leveraging platforms and ecosystems is a clever way to automate marketing and ensure an amount of stable traffic
Here you will find some worth looking into as well as some success stories
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Alex West
Maker. Mixed martial artist.
Hi fellow makers 👋 I'm Alex, a struggling maker trying to reach ramen profitability with my projects My achilles heel is marketing, for sure. Although I have successfully built, launched and monetized products, the best I've done when it comes to consistent traffic, is something like 300 visitors/month, which sucks This past week I was looking into marketplaces and ecosystems I could build products on, since I'm still building new products. Marketing can be tough and boring, especially when you compare it to programming, which is fun (at least for me) The truth is that us makers, neither are talented in marketing, nor have a passion for it, nor have money to throw at ads or hire someone. All I see us doing is building the product, when they say that SaaS is 20% product and 80% marketing Building on top of platforms and posting on marketplaces could be the solution to our bad stats I think the X factor is the "up and coming" marketplaces, there are marketplaces like GitHub Marketplace, where people can enter and have a presence, and Shopify Apps, which is a saturated marketplace I have tried to do this in the past, with Telemonetize and Git Gardener and will continue doing it PS: I am kinda bored lately, and have a lot of time, so I will be building and launching a product every single week. If you are interested, you can follow me on Twitter. Or not. ( Please let me know if you have any questions or feeback. Much love, Alex For anyone interested, this is the tech stack: Back end: Ruby on Rails Front end: Bootstrap & jQuery Hosting: Heroku Domain: Namecheap Logo: Logomakr
Shun Yamada
CEO & Founder, Remotehour
A great list of success stories. Thanks for building it @alexandersideris
Shafkathullah IhsanWeb developer
Hey, I would suggest making the site serve via "https". Best wishes.
Share Chief Strategy Officer
I like the story behjnd
Brandon ClarkA simple habit tracker
Looks good, I'm going to check it out the ios app story
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