Indian Stickers

Sticker pack of gestures and slogans unique to Indians

Indian Stickers is a sticker pack of over 100+ iMessage stickers of common Indian gestures and slogans

Hello Hunters, I'm the founder of Antarjaal Innovations and I created this sticker pack based on some of the gestures and everyday usage of words that are quite unique to us. Over 100 of them to choose from. Use from a variety of gestures, icons, idioms and slang! Use it to greet or play pranks or just to irritate and annoy your iMessage chat friends. It was great fun creating them and I hope it's as much fun when you get to use them. The pack is available now on the App Store and it is being featured in India under the "Say it with a sticker" section. We've kept adding to the pack as and when we discover something new - if you think we've missed out something - let me know.
lol i love this!