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Hey I am Ann, Product Girl @tryIndemand I designed & developed the Indemand apps with our awesome engineers. Would love to hear your feedback! Happy to answer any questions :) UPDATE: We are running an Ondemand Economy Meetup 7:30pm tonight (JUN 16) in San Francisco, join us at Jillian's!
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@annchanyt Hey guys, I gotta say, props on the perfect timing. Right after the launch of Uber for developers. You guys sure know how to get things up and running quickly!
@jonasalmut @annchanyt hey Jonas - i'd like to pretend that was planned ;)
@annchanyt @alexsaidani I love it I will start using it in the next few days I am just bummed the trial period is 14 days only. It would be cool to have like a month of testing the idea and to see where it would go. I have sooo many on demand business ideas and I don't have any money :D Also i am speaking from a standpoint being in not so rich country Macedonia :) Oh and also can I use your service in Macedonia? :)
Hey Product Hunters & Huntresses! :D Alex from Indemand here and we’re super excited to launch our SaaS platform. Indemand lets anyone create an on-demand store or service in minutes, without any code! I know you’re thinking - “Oh… not another on-demand business!” Don’t worry we’re not. We’re software, we power on-demand businesses, we don’t deliver. So if your a taxi company in Nigeria, a food delivery business in Germany or a Cleaning company in Dubai, you use our software to offer an ‘Uber-Like’ tracking experience to your customers. In fact we’re already powering on-demand businesses in 14 different countries and across 7 industries! We give you the three apps you need to get off the ground and running straight away: ✅ Customer facing ordering/requesting app - think the Uber app ✅ Driver/Provider job and routing app - think the Uber driver app ✅ Admin dashboard, this lets you manage all your operations (drivers, customers) ✅ You can customise the look at feel easily to suit your business too. We’re giving all Product Hunters a special 1 month free trial too :D Questions? What’s an on-demand business you ask? We think an on-demand business is one that delivers a product or provides a services within an hour or two after you request them. Not scheduling or booking in advance. How’s this different from Postmates or Uber Rush? We’re not an on-demand business or a delivery provider. Instead we give startups and small businesses the ability to create their own or offer a similar experience to their customers. In fact we integrate with both so if you don’t have your own drivers then we can match your customers with the cheapest delivery service at any given point (USA only). But most of our customers have their own drivers, cleaners, providers… What types of business does this work for? Cleaning, taxis, handymen, laundry, food, gifts and many more… Is this web only? Nope, we can do iOS and Android too! Just drop us a line… Do you have an API? Not yet… let’s chat :) We’re millennials, terribly unorganised and expect everything to arrive ASAP not waiting days for it to arrive or booking in advance. Our aim is to give small businesses the ability to compete in the growing on-demand economy and make sure they’re not falling behind and enable startups to start their own without spending thousands of dollars on an ‘Uber Clone’! Happy to answer any questions here or you can reach me directly at: Lots of love the Indemand team. UPDATE: The Marion story... Think Marion, she runs a flower shop, but she's losing sales to new on-demand businesses, her customers don't want to have to go to her store to collect the flowers or wait days for them to be delivered. She simply cannot meet these demands and she's not alone! We solve this for people like Marion :)
UPDATE 2: Locations... We now have businesses in 15 countries using our software: UK, USA, Canada, Bahrain, UAE, Germany, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, China :) UPDATE 3: Producthunt store... For some extra fun, checkout our Product Hunt on-demand store, featuring: on-demand cats, psychic reading and Donald Trump! What more could you ask for? (sorry we don't deliver :P)
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@alexsaidani @tryindemand Seems like an interesting idea for interesting times :) What kind of businesses are currently integrating your service? Are SMBs really looking to provide on demand services?
@rameshdot0 @tryindemand hey Ramesh, we actually have businesses in a number of industries including: cleaning, handymen, laundry, taxi services, food delivery and product delivery.
@alexsaidani @rameshdot0 @tryindemand Congrats on the launch! How far can someone get without writing any code?
@alexsaidani @tryindemand Hello, I have a question... If I would like to try to pitch this to some of my peers, what kind of affiliate program is in place, and if there is not one, could there be one? Thanks!
@steven_macherey @tryindemand hey Steven - we don't have an in depth program, but are offering those who refer a customer who converts the first month of the subscription fee.
InDemand is a plug-and-play platform for setting up an on-demand store or service, or adding an on-demand component to your existing business. It takes a matter of minutes, and ZERO coding. Think Shopify for the on-demand economy. I especially love the case study about Marion's flower shop.
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@writerpollock thanks for hunting us Tristan, you're awesome! :D
"The Uber for Uber for X" — best tweet from @rsarver
awesome! Can you help setup on demand medicine delivery platform in minutes?
@nishant_sinha hey nishant, you mostly certainly can - are you based in the US or do you have your own drivers?