Time-delay messaging app

Hey there Hunters: We just launched Incubate, a mobile messaging application that allows users to send strategically timed messages from 1 minute up to 25 years into the future. Attached is our launch video - it was created by some of the same guys that did the famed Dollar Shave Club commercial. Just a heads up, it might be considered PG-13 by some.
@thatcherskye Why do usernames have to be at least six characters long?
@maxwendkos We erred on the side of security :)
Gamechanger photo product. As a nostalgic person and lover of enhanced media messages, I plan on using this app to plan ahead!
@drewleahy Awesome! We truly appreciate those kind words, Drew.
"Drincubating" :-) Might make it a little easier to remember what actually happened the night before.
@thatcherskye although it just launched, how are people using it? Anything super unexpected?
@rrhoover We started to see trends within different demographics. The younger demographics are doing more short term novel messaging; partying with friends and sending messages to several days into the future - we have coined this "drincubating." Older demographics are doing more long term messaging - this is what we expected. We had a very successful "Incubate Our Wedding" campaign - brides and grooms will receive messages sent by loved ones from their wedding on anniversaries in the future. We have been contacted by numerous wedding publications as this use case appears to be resonating well in that market.
@thatcherskye @rrhoover Surprised again to see so many people thinking of similar concepts. Here is a sketch I made a while ago about a "messenger with your past self." Cheers to Incubate for the awesome concept!
@rrhoover @alexyoungkwon Very cool. We are working to get into high schools right now so that they can get their students to send messages from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Be a great way to establish goals and be reminded so that a person can easily assess the achievement of them.
What's the wildest shenanigans you all have seen on this so far?
@jeffumbro When we were still in beta, we had a college kid that wanted to insure that he'd be the first to wish his girlfriend happy birthday so he sent her a message weeks in the future for midnight on her special day. In the meantime, they broke up. He hit us up and asked how he could delete the message but we don't offer that as it, in our minds, cheapens the messaging experience. We actually followed up with him and he let us know that she was so endeared that they got back together (for just a couple of weeks). It's nice knowing we helped them get laid ;) Additionally, I've woken up on a couple of occasions after several late nights out to discover that I'd sent 10 messages (that I don't remember sending). I could have the dev team delete them but I feel like I should play by the same rules as everyone else. It'll be really interesting when those messages hatch.