Manage employee stock option plans without spreadsheets

Manage startup company stock and company stock options, using stock classes, ISO, vesting schedules, grants, participants, termination schedules. No more spreadsheets or other limited formats. Easy reporting. For administrator of plans and participants.
I've been working at a successful startup for about 4 years and we recently received another round of funding. A group of us starting having a "water-cooler" conversation around our options as no one seemed to know how many they had vested (different grants, multiple years for most of us). To get this information we had to ask one of our founders and they would get the number through a spreadsheet. Most grants are 4 year with a 1 year cliff. I've had previous experience working in the employee stock option space and thought a simple web tool geared towards early stage startup to track options/stock for both the company and employee (or any stock or option holder) would be a useful application. I started working on it in my spare time and have developed, what I think, is a fairly full featured, although basic, web app to allow startup and their employees to track stock and individual options. I "Launched" the site a few months ago, created a company landing page site, a docs site, a blog site, youtube channel and the actual functional site.
Cool idea, do you integrate with any charting platform?
@paulcomba Thanks - I use vis.js and d3.js Fun products to learn