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"We've decided to start Increment, a software engineering magazine dedicated to providing practical and useful insight into what effective teams are doing so that the rest of us can learn from them more quickly. We plan to focus on the ostensibly small things that are actually big things: testing, deployment, development tools, code review. Team practices are very mutable; if we can help accelerate the transmission of good ideas even a little bit, that could be a big deal across the industry." - https://stripe.com/blog/increment
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@edwinwee This is going to be super useful. Looking for more issues on how to scale and design architectures.
@keyul @edwinwee Totally agree. This is something a lot of people struggle with. Would love to contribute ideas and our experience.
@clockitio @keyul Shoot your ideas over to us at submissions@increment.com!
Indie Hackers acquisition and now Increment. It will be really exciting to learn from experts both in business and software engineering field.
As a primarily self-taught engineer, I've been looking for something like this forever. Excited to see how you guys handle problems of scale across infrastructure, code bases, and people! ๐Ÿš€
I love inside info on things, and this seems more geared to the support side of tech scalability. One of the harder parts to scale no doubt. Will future issues branch into architecture and stack growth? Will you be featuring other companies input or is this limited to internal references only?
@jollymonatx Hey Jerod! Yup, in this issue, we feature interviews and data from folks from a bunch of companies, like Google, Amazon, Dropbox, and Spotify. For future issues, we'd love to hear your ideas at submissions@increment.com
Simply amazing