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Hi Everyone, Lot of time and effort went into making this product, which we call a "company jurisdiction comparison matrix". The idea was born to solve a problem entrepreneurs have been asking me for years: "Where should I form a company?". For Americans, this often defaults to Delaware C-Corp. But for those not chasing the IPO dream, Incorporations.IO is a free tool to directly compare side by side tax and legal metrics that are important for determining where to incorporate. We've already added some features requested by early adopters such as tax treaty filters. All of the information was searched by our team, and then double checked by lawyers and corporate secretaries, and we may still have a few errors, but the veracity of the data should be strong. For every corporate service provider we onboard, we ask them to re-check the data to keep it up to date. In short order, we will be creating an API to open source our data, We are now working on our backend, which helps you incorporate and solve problems with the KYC process, eliminating paperwork and making it easier to setup and govern a company as well as open a bank account. We feel it is an exciting time to be innovating at the crossroads of law, finance and technology. Thanks for taking a look and I'll be here to answer any questions.