Incognito VPN

A fast and secure VPN, plus Ad Blocker for whole Android

Incognito VPN protects your online data privacy for your Android. Incognito is a fast, simple, and secure VPN. It encrypts all your internet traffic & routes it to the fastest VPN servers on our network.
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14 Reviews5.0/5
I've been beta testing Incognito for a few months and it's an amazing product. They are doing a lot of really advanced network level privacy protection tools but at the same time make it super simple from a user experience. The one feature I really like is the "data control" which lets you block apps from sending data without your permission. I.e - Once you close an application you can ensure it can't send or receive any data and make sure its actually stopped. A lot of people don't realize but even when mobile applications are not on, it still is doing a lot of network requests and data collection in the background.
Awesome! Thanks for posting this! Excellent VPN, works great for me!
Great to see a simple VPN that "just works" out of the box. Congrats on the launch!
The minimalistic design of all the apps is beautiful. Really appeals to me and is a credit to the UI/UX designer.
I definitely recommend trying :) Pros: Real fast. Very easy to use. Works perfectly for me. Cons: Looking for the Windows version.
@jonathanbernal Hi Jonathan, I am so glad that you like it. And our team is working on desktop version, Mac version should be the first, and then windows. And also iOS version is in development. We will let you know when they are ready. Thanks.