Issue your own private cryptocurrency in seconds. Use it to trade favors, manage shared funds, reward your customers, and more. The Incognito mobile app makes it easy for anyone to create and trade their own tokens without compromising privacy.
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Hey Hunters! Now you can issue your own blockchain token that’s 100% private in just a few seconds. Choose a name, symbol and the total supply of tokens, and a new privacy token will be created on the Incognito blockchain. Send and receive tokens using the built-in QR scanner, or with your Incognito Address. You can use your new private tokens in any way you want. Here are some of our favorite ideas: 1) Send and receive your own coin with 100% privacy. Make a coin with your name on it and send it to friends, family, or anyone else. You decide when and how it’s redeemable. 2) Trade IOU’s with your housemates. Issue a coin for the house. Earn coins by completing chores. If you’re having a bad day, pay a roommate to do it for you. When your lease is up, split your security deposit based on who holds coins. 3) Going on a trip with your friends? Setup a private token for the trip. When you buy something for the group, transfer tokens to yourself. When your friend buys you dinner, pay her back with tokens. At the end of the trip, calculate how many tokens were spent, how much each person owes, and settle up with cash. 4) Give private, tradable rewards to your customers. Give your customers tokens by scanning the QR code in the Incognito app. Customers can trade rewards with each other, and redeem them for special offers in your store. Incognito is the very first platform for privacy tokens. Most blockchains today - like Bitcoin and Ethereum - are public. That means if you share your account address, anyone can see your balance and all the transactions you’ve made. With Incognito, when you share your account address with someone - like a friend or coworker - all your details will remain invisible. We loved building this - we hope you'll enjoy it too! Please send any questions or feedback our way, would love to hear what you think. Duy
This looks awesome! When my son is older this would be great for paying him for chores and such!
@clinton_anderson1 love this idea :)
Really cool!
@lnchoi thank you!!!
@lnchoi did you issue any token yet :) ?