The tiny, short, charging cable, take everywhere (pre-order)

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i got my nomad charger. very happy. this has the "magnet" on top. but otherwise this is a clone.
@OurielOhayon yup. Kero also has a Cyber Monday deal going on — use KERO35 for 35% off your order today.
@chrismessina @OurielOhayon doesn't look like the nomad much to me; looks more like the Kero. This seems the thinnest of all of them though.
I also have my Nomad ChargeKey but this thing looks sweet too! I want 'em all.
@KristoferTM Agreed, I have one of these and it's great. Just got an email from them for a Cyber Monday deal of 40% off with coupon code NOMAD40.
@philfreo @KristoferTM that code doesn't seem to be working anymore.
@chrismessina @KristoferTM Not sure. You could probably email them - I got this email today.