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I find it ironic that I have to subscribe to get the full benefits of an app that is supposed to help me better my budget/finances.
@neurohacked really? Do you not see value in improving your finances? Or is it that this app doesn't seem like it provides enough value to make it worth the money.l?
@neurohacked That's a question of productivity. In order to manage your finances effectively, it is necessary to have a tool that shows where exactly your money is going. We would recommend trying the hashtag categorization that provides users with great flexibility. This feature is absolutely free of charge.
@thattallguy @neurohacked The best thing about the app is that everything you need to manage your finances effectively (unlimited budgets, hashtags, transactions) is free of charge. Public budgets on the other hand, are very useful for people who wish to share their experience and help others. For example, by creating different public travel budgets you can show people different ways to travel (high-end/ shoestring budget etc.) and the readers can decide on the most appropriate choices for their financial situation.
Love to see new apps in this space. Any advantages over EveryDollar?
@joe_legnd some of the advantages of inBudget are the private and public budgets, detailed transactions (with the opportunity to add location, photos and hashtag categroization), powerfull transaction filters that allow users to plan budgets for the future, and the friendly price of $4,99/month (most of features are available for free)
@joe_legnd Yes, exactly. Or - how does it compare to those? I need an actual budgeting tool, not yet-another-spending-tracker.
inBudget is a new personal finance tool that is simple, secure, and user-friendly. With the habits and needs of everyday people in mind, inBudget provides all the accounting tools that you need and none that you don’t.
@arunpattnaik Simplicity, security and user-friendliness are indeed some of the best characteristics of the app. Although, also the social aspect of inBudget should be mentioned as it offers the unique feature of public budgets that can be shared with friends, family or broader public. It is a great way to inspire people with your budgets and give real-life examples on how much does it really cost to travel, throw a wedding etc. Here are some examples of public budgets:
This reminds me of mint from days past :)
@davidsfeng our goal was not to make another personal finance app. We wish to create a new perspective of finance management by including social aspects. The main feature that distinguishes inBudget from similar products is the opportunity to create private and public budgets. That gives users a chance to divide private and public transactions, and share on their social networks e.g. the budget of the vacations that could be helpful to others.
@bickov That's a great idea. I haven't thought of budgets in a really social manner but can definitely see the use cases for organizations like non-profits.
@bickov @davidsfeng ok...but for the actual budgeting features: how does it compare?
I like it but it crashed on me 3 times and wasted my time in entering transactions. it seems whenever I add a location and select "use current location" it crashes. It also crashes if I enter a transaction and try to add a photo and select "take a photo".
@melissamonteee thank you for reporting this information. We are going to check out what could be the problem and prepare that immediately. By the way, have you tried using hashtags to organize your personal budget more effectively? It is a very useful feature, you should definitely check that out.