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InboxVudu aims to analyse your messages in order to work out what's important and what's not - great for those who struggle to stay on top of their inbox. I'd be interested to know if anyone's tried this, and if it does a good job of assessing the priority of messages.
@riaface I've been using the iPhone app for a few weeks and love it; quickly reminds me about mails that I sent (where I expected a follow-up and didn't get one; and vice versa, where I dropped the ball on replying) -- it's really well-done.
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@daveschappell Thanks Dave! Love that you've been playing with it for a few weeks now. Your feedback has been very helpful.
@daveschappell I've been using the iPhone and Gmail apps for a while now too. The iPhone app is especially useful in giving me notifications when I get emails about things like people trying to schedule a meeting, requesting a document/followup/etc from me, and other time sensitive requests that I might not get to in email for a while otherwise
Thanks @devahaz - as you've seen, unlike other mail apps which show the first 'n' characters of a message as a notification, we display the exact sentence which requires your attention. It works beautifully on the Apple Watch as well :)
Hi Product Hunters, Thanks to @riaface for featuring us! It’s exciting for to be featured on ProductHunt the same day as Facebook M! They’re the new personal assistant for Chat, and we’re the new personal assistant for Email. For all you compulsive email checkers, InboxVudu gives you a purified, timely, high signal-to-noise ratio stream of your messages. You can turn off notifications from your regular email client(s) and use InboxVudu instead. You’ll be interrupted less when you work, and you can then just catch up on the rest of your emails later. InboxVudu uses natural language understanding and machine learning to prioritize and surface your important emails. These are primarily emails that contain requests that need your action. These show as Highlights in the app, and also come in as notifications. Our notifications show the most relevant sentence in the email rather than the first ‘n’ characters that all other mail apps rely on making it possible to assess the importance of the message instantly, without reading the full message. InboxVudu’s team has deep expertise in machine learning and natural language understanding, so you’ll see super accurate detections. On the flip side, InboxVudu also detects requests that you send out, automatically creating a list of emails that you may need to follow up on. Personally, this has saved me several times from dropping the ball on mission critical stuff! If you have an Apple Watch, notifications will also go to your watch. You’ll be able to read the full text of emails as well as reply to them using one tap short replies that we suggest or by dictating a reply. We use natural language understanding tech to suggest one tap quick replies, such as when you just need to answer “yes” or “no” to a question. We’ve been told we’re the first app that makes email usable on the Watch! Thanks for checking out InboxVudu and we’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and answering any questions!
Hey @kiam888, can you look at the content and block calendar as well? Say a mail comes "let's meet day after tomorrow" and I reply "sure". Can Vudu add that into the calendar?
Thanks for posting @riaface! I'm part of the team that built InboxVudu and would be delighted to answer any questions people have
I've been using InboxVudu for a while now too. Brilliantly designed product, team actively incorporates feedback. Totally recommended.
@karanmg Thanks Karan! Feedback from early users such as yourself have really helped shape the product.
I've been using InboxVudu for a while and I can say that I do love the push notifications on my iPhone. It's been a great way to quickly see if I need to answer something in my email right away or something that can wait. The Chrome extension has also been really helpful in letting me see what really becomes a to-do list of my email since I can see the messages asking me for something (to each their own on email management, but this definitely fills in a piece of whatever system you use).
@ckeller Thank for being an early beta user of the iPhone app, Chris! And for your input on the extension:)