First usable API to write Gmail Apps for 1B active users

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This is a really big deal. Remember the release of iOS? Remember the release of the Facebook API? This is amazing. InboxSDK actually makes it possible to write easily write apps that work great natively with Gmail, one of the largest untapped greenfield platforms in the world. Over 1 billion active users — it's how business is done. It's how people communicate. The Streak team has basically made available the special sauce that made Streak CRM awesome. I can't wait to see what people build with it.
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@garrytan This is awesome. We've been wanting to do a @goroost integration into gmail so people don't have to switch over to our dashboard to manage pushes and see basic analytics. Been too daunting and required too many resources to tackle on our own, with this it's back on our dev list!
@garrytan Totally agree - this is gold. Using this at my next hack-day! thanks for sharing Garry!
@garrytan wow... huge opportunities here. No more daily updates via email, we can just build it in. You know what's cooler than 1m DAU... 1b DAU
@garrytan the release of the facebook api was in summer 2006. most people probably don't remember it - it was virtually unnoticed. (here's a TC article with coverage: the big deal was when apps started getting distribution through the API (in 2007). this seems cool but i think the analogy might be exaggerated, since they don't appear to have an answer for distribution.
@millisecond @garrytan happy to help out. aleem at streak if you need anything
Is google and the gmail team on board with this?
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This seems to be the missing API for Gmail that Google should have released. I wonder if there are any plans to support Google Calendar down the line.
If you've ever built something on top of Gmail you'll realise how useful this is. Gmail is such a rich product, and everyone uses it differently. Also DOM elements change all the time so you need to keep patching your code. Everyone has a Gmail tab open 24/7 anyway, so it's a great place for new products to be.
Founder of Streak here - we built the InboxSDK as a result of all the work we've done inside Gmail. Happy to answer any questions!