Inboxkitten is an open-source disposable email service (powered by serverless kittens) that you can freely deploy / adopt on your own!

- Github

- Website

Inboxkitten is built with the following

- Vue.js for mobile friendly UI

- Go Lang for CLI

- Express.js for API

- Mailgun for Mailserver

- Firebase+GCP+TravisCI for deployment

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Greetings Product Hunt community! I’m Eugene, from Today, we are launching; The idea behind InboxKitten is to provide an open-source serverless disposable email service, that you can launch for free on top of mailgun free tier API. And possibly rebuild it from scratch in a 24 hour hackaton. All you need to do is send an email to ``, go over to, and search it up. And Nyow, your email will be there. No signup nor passwords needed. You can use this for either email testing, or to access website content that insist of collecting your email. Finally if you need your own private secure (not domain, and inbox. You can fork and deploy adopt your own inboxkitten, by deploying it for free on using your firebase, and mailgun api keys. More details can be found on either our github, or our site We hope you like a hobby project like this, and would love to hear what you think of it! 😉

As a Software developer, I often use this type of disposable email service to try out new products and services that made the email confirmation mandatory.

And most of the existing services domain's are blocked in many websites so self hosted of this product using own domain will definitely help a lot.


* Easy to use

* This domain is not blocked by many sites for sign up

* Easy to set up for personal use


Did not find any at this point.

Thanks @tahaqadri : took a look at BlogOwl and Blog Kinja , looks really useful especially for small one or two person startup teams 🙂
@picocreator thanks man, you made my day
Awesome, love that there’s a self hosted version. Will try that out. PS - I’m shocked that there’s not a single mention of mailinator in your description!
@trevin Trying to not name any services in particular, as part of the reason we made this project, is that the disposable email service we were using started randomly failing for over a month. Coming from the devops side as well : #hugops , I do wish them well, and rather not cast any of them in bad light. That being said, yup is one of the better ones out there, with more features such as an SMS inbox for receiving test messages (such as OTP, which is awesome!). Unfortunately for us : using them programmatically in our core testing product for our entire customer base, is technically against their EULA. And the ones that fit our use case started failing 😢 Related article where we mentioned the reason :
Great product. Good luck!