Inbox Ignite

Prevent your emails from going into spam

Our software creates positive email activity on a domain. This raises a domain reputation, influences IP reputation, and mitigates sending issues (like spam traps, flagged content, bad links, etc). Ultimately enabling marketers to get back into the inbox.
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Sounds extremely useful if it does what it says. How exactly does it work?
@ryanleverington found the answer on their website... looks like a DNS integration + AI
I was trying to test the producto on but your "find out now" button is not working
This sounds interesting and concerning at the same time. As much as I would love a magic fix to my mailing list reputation, there is a reason it takes time to build up a good reputation and not have your emails land in spam. If this product does as it suggests then this enables terrible spammers to buy their way into your inbox - which is not what anyone wants.
@dinkydani21 This will not work for spammers as there is no way to offset that type of behavior. This works for legitimate sales and marketing emailers who find themselves categorized as a sender which they are not (or would like to prevent this). For example in today's sending environment your good reputation can be lost almost overnight due to a number of things (bad tracking pixel, flagged links/content, spam traps/honeypots, mismarked spam complaints, etc, etc). In our experience, this can take weeks to months to recover (if ever). When/if this happens, Inbox Ignite can help you recover your reputation and be back to the inbox in a few days.