Inbox Creature

A super cute virtual pet, delivered right to your inbox.

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Inbox Creature is a virtual pet for email, made using click automations at AWeber. Sign up and you'll get the little blob delivered to your inbox with a choice to feed it one of two things. Based on that choice, your creature will change and grow. There are currently 3 days worth of choices, but I'll be adding more if people like it!

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  • Brandon OlsonMarketing Communications Manager, AWeber

    Creative and fun. Very entertaining.


    Would love to continue seeing my creature improve or change. Maybe hairstyles or outfits or something.

    I really enjoyed engaging with this product. I loved seeing AWeber's automation and personalization capabilities leveraged for something fun and entertaining.

    Brandon Olson has used this product for one week.
  • 🎐 Anaëlle JUAREZ 🍃Service innovation manager assistant

    Lovely made !


    Interactions out of the inbox in a new tab (maybe integrated interactions ? )

    Very funny & very nostalgic !

    Thanx to Inbox Creature, i've kind of changed my feelings toward my inbox from despair to fun ! good job for this little game !

    🎐 Anaëlle JUAREZ 🍃 has used this product for one day.


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Chris VasquezMaker@clickpop · Creative Director at AWeber
I love the names folks are choosing! Favs so far: Snargle Derrick Lord Smackerson Tammy datboi420 your mom
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
Nano Pet / Tamagotchi for your email!
Chris VasquezMaker@clickpop · Creative Director at AWeber
@jeff_osborn thanks so much for checking it out. I only built in 3 days worth of choices so far (4 total emails) and each choice is a pretty big evolution from the previous day, but I was thinking of adding much smaller daily changes after you reach the final form on day 4 if people like it. As you play with it, let me know if you dig it and would want more content.
Jeff Osborn@jeff_osborn · Owner, work/ethic
@clickpop Cool -- I'll let you know! Would be really cool to have it evolve further. A lot of work though. Maybe an opportunity to apply AI and get a buzzword boost for your project?
Petra@meineleserei · Head of Marketing & PR, VisoCon GmbH
Reminds me of my Tamagotchi...can't remember how it ended...
Chris VasquezMaker@clickpop · Creative Director at AWeber
@meineleserei I definitely spent way more time than I'm proud of nurturing a Tamagotchi back in the day. If you end up playing with this at all, I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for even taking a look!
Rudy Lee@rlvl · Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
Nice concept! The pet looks soo cute ^^
Chris VasquezMaker@clickpop · Creative Director at AWeber
@kydyzyx thanks so darn much for saying so!