Inbox Creature

A super cute virtual pet, delivered right to your inbox.

Inbox Creature is a virtual pet for email, made using click automations at AWeber. Sign up and you'll get the little blob delivered to your inbox with a choice to feed it one of two things. Based on that choice, your creature will change and grow. There are currently 3 days worth of choices, but I'll be adding more if people like it!

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16 Reviews5.0/5
I love the names folks are choosing! Favs so far: Snargle Derrick Lord Smackerson Tammy datboi420 your mom
Nano Pet / Tamagotchi for your email!
@jeff_osborn thanks so much for checking it out. I only built in 3 days worth of choices so far (4 total emails) and each choice is a pretty big evolution from the previous day, but I was thinking of adding much smaller daily changes after you reach the final form on day 4 if people like it. As you play with it, let me know if you dig it and would want more content.
@clickpop Cool -- I'll let you know! Would be really cool to have it evolve further. A lot of work though. Maybe an opportunity to apply AI and get a buzzword boost for your project?

This is such a creative way to use email and create something fun! Who knew!


It brings back gigapet memories and I love the illustrations!!


I look forward to more than 3 days worth

Thanks so much for the review Clifton! I think I'm going to add more days.

I really enjoyed engaging with this product. I loved seeing AWeber's automation and personalization capabilities leveraged for something fun and entertaining.


Creative and fun. Very entertaining.


Would love to continue seeing my creature improve or change. Maybe hairstyles or outfits or something.

Reminds me of my Tamagotchi...can't remember how it ended...
@meineleserei I definitely spent way more time than I'm proud of nurturing a Tamagotchi back in the day. If you end up playing with this at all, I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for even taking a look!