Get physical addresses of website visitors automatically

Pretty worrying to think that getting someone's address is so easy...Not sure people will be overly receptive as it seems pretty invasive. If I had something in my basket on Amazon then I got a knock on the door (or letter) a few days later saying hey why don't you buy this similar product... Id be reaaaallly freaked out!
@bentossell It's actually much, much less invasive than the other digital products out there (you'd be terrified). We ask for your location, and that's what the customer gets. Google Analytics gets the page views (no one thinks twice about page view logs tied to IP), we just marry that data with the physical location that the browsing took place. We have some pretty serious filters on the way, but will never deliver anything other than the street address. That is, after all, what the user allows.
stalker mode?
@samir_doshi Data is -never shared between customers- even if they're from the same portal. Nothing stalker about the product... it's data for that visit, and for that site, to help reduce junk mail. "Stalker mode" is the practice of tying your credit card transaction to the frequency your mobile phone emits to the email address tied to the purchase at checkout that's then cross referenced with e-commerce purchases to find your home address. When you walk into another store with that tech, they know exactly who you are and what department you're looking at. That tech exists... and that is stalker mode. :)
Wondering if this could be an early April Fools joke...
@swannvichot It's not at all. The benefits of hyper targeting are many fold. We're quite tame compared to competing data products.
Looool .. Joke maybe!