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Hi Hans - I'm a big believer in your mission to help small businesses grow through inbound marketing, so naturally I clicked on the link to your site. After reading the first couple of lines and looking through the screenshots I felt a sense of déjà vu. Just curious - how much was Leadin an inspiration for Inbound Rocket?
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Hi ProductHunters - I'm Hans, the founder of Inbound Rocket. My co-founder Russell (@benzingtech) and I started out on Inbound Rocket about seven months ago with the idea to help out small, medium enterprises and startups get the most out of their WordPress website. We all know as Steve Blank puts it very correctly "Most startups fail due not to the failure of product development but due to the lack of customers”. We at Inbound Rocket want to help you convert those visitors on your website into valuable leads for your business by giving you all the info you need to start making that well informed first email. This is our first release of the WordPress plugin and we’re very curious to see what you think are must haves to build into the plugin in the future. At the moment on our todo list is a full blown exit intent pop-up and MailChimp integration, but we’re curious to know what other features you would want and what problems you are currently facing with lead generation!
@andygcook Hiya Andy, Thanks for reaching out! The idea actually started when I created this plugin: and when I saw things like GetSpokal, Inbound Now, HelloBar, ORBTR etc. and I thought there could be something done in that space. Especially when I saw a lot of small, medium enterprises struggle in my day to day live with getting good leads. Knowing I could not develop it by myself (not a hardcore developer) I approached my cofounder and worked from there. During customer development and asking what software people were currently using someone pointed us out to your plugin as well. I like what you guys are doing, but just like the others mentioned we thought that we could implement it in a different way. The way you build your dashboard looked like something easy to build for the first launch, so yeah we took some cues from that for our initial setup and v1 launch. Hopes this helps! Hans
@jcvangent Thanks for the reply and congratulations on the big launch. I remember the first day we launched Leadin to the WordPress plugin directory... We were pumped and I'm sure you are too. The reason I asked is that the source code and copy are nearly identical to the an older version of Leadin, so I'm assuming you forked it along with the website. The plugin code is GPL so that's fair game. To be honest, the only thing that is really eating at me is the content on your about us page... The copy is word for word the exact purpose statement @nelsonjoyce and I wrote for Leadin when we started almost two years ago with a mission to help small businesses grow. I can't stop you from using our purpose statement and I'm flattered you believe in our mission, but it feels inauthentic to me that you grabbed our's instead of writing your own from your heart. How do you feel about it?
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@andygcook Thanks so much for the congrats we are certainly excited about today. As the lead developer for Inbound Rocket, I do commend you guys for being an inspiration for the plugin framework and using the power-up class loader concept. We did start our project with your forked code, however even using diffchecker our code has significant changes and a uniqueness to differentiate your code from ours. I wanted to make sure of that, as not give the impression we are riding on your coat tail. We love that we both believe in the same mission to help small business grow, we have even used HubSpot in the past ourselves. There is still a lot of uncovered territory there! As far as the copy goes, we will be adjusting that. Our purpose and mission are very similar hence we might have stumbled on that and used it as or placeholder, but it was intended to be changed.
I just read through Inbound Rocket's About Us page, and it does look very similar to LeadIn's purpose statement. Like Andy said, almost word for word. I think you should know whether or not you copied LeadIn's purpose statement. "Might have stumbled on" sounds inauthentic.
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I've been tracking Inbound Rocket's progress for a while and I'm excited to see this released! We've installed this on our blog and are most excited about the selection sharer & tweetable quotes, but it looks like there's a tonne of goodness under the hood to get stuck into to. Top job guys.
@fredrivett Thanks a lot Fred!
Hey guys. I have an engineering wordpress site that might benefit greatly from this plugin, but can I see it working first? I just want to see it in action before I go through some website updates ;) It sounds amazing though :) All the best
@cute_life Hiya Glenn, unfortunately we don't have a demo setup out there to play with. Our best suggestion would be to install it on a development website of your own at this point to see it more in action. Or just install it on your live environment. We had a professional bug hunting team go through the code so there would be no harm in that!