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Hey Ed! Awesome to see on here. Just curious - I find that the content on inbound is invariably skewed towards the SEO community. Now this is just purely subjective, but now that is also a "Hacker News for Marketers" - I find their content to be much more on point towards online marketing and growing products/companies, rather than what's trending on (as of writing this) "21 Blog Writing Tips from the Experts". Is there anything that's in the works to keep the quality of content that pops up on as high as possible? I recall Sean Ellis heavily policing and giving feedback on submissions in the very early days, much like Ryan Hoover here on Product Hunt.
@will_lam Hi Will! The community was started by co-founders Rand Fishkin ( and Dharmesh Shah ( The former has quite a focused SEO following, which also is an active industry for ideas, discussion, tools, news etc. hence the slant. re: policing, we've always depended on a positive-only upvote system, though this suffers if the community promotes 'popular' over 'good' content (the latter's so subjective though). We tend to think of it in 3 buckets... *AWESOME*, meh... and spam/irrelevant. The middle one generates indifference and is a secret killer. Indifference doesn't generate discussion, and steals valuable pixels from other submissions. Working out how to handle existing 'meh' content is tricky... One way we define "good" is by featuring submissions that the community submits. i.e. building the editorial layer on top of the democratic community voting. ( We're not there yet :-) There's more things we can do to empower the community voting system, perhaps by giving trusted, active members extra powers that they'd earn the right to use and keep. Curious to hear if you've any thoughts or suggestions?
Hi Hunters! I'm the General Manager of - here to answer any questions :) Also curious to try out the PH interface given the similarities between our two platforms. Our UI isn't quite as slick yet hehe ;)
Looks like there will be a cool AMA taking place in a bit over an hour with Google Venture's marketing team.
Hey, @edfryed! Would love to hear how you've built the community at Inbound. Any specific tactics you can share that others might be able to use?
@rrhoover Hi Ryan! The objective is to maximise interactions between members. I used to think of it being around the quality of articles on the homepage... not the case. Discussions need time to develop and stay around, so we weigh the back-and-forth between people much more highly. We try to seed discussions with those back-and-forths (for instance the AMAs) and then schedule promotion around those to maximise eyeballs and engagement. On your dev server, I'd be interested to see what the PH homepage would look like if you weighted comments *insanely* high. Each submission that reaches the homepage is like jumping off a cliff where upvotes are for the 'take off' and comments are for keeping it 'air born'. I experimented recently with weighting one comments at 5000% of one upvote (!!) ... and the results were awesome. One thing we're working on right now is groups - gather people around common ground (an event, company, location, topic, tool etc.) where they can interact more closely and regularly. Really early days here :) What about you guys? The brunches sound awesome. MOAR community building with bacon hehe...
@edfryed yes, Bacon is our strategy. :) From the beginning we've been fairly transparent in what we're working on and involving the community heavily in our decisions (#buildinpublic). It's important people feel their voice is heard and it gives us valuable feedback for ideas we're working on. Similarly, we also have dozens of people using the Product Hunt API to build things. I like the thinking behind maximizing user-to-user interactions. PH is still very early but we have a few ideas on how we can facilitate more + higher quality discussion, one of them being the rank of comments to encourage more thoughtful commentary. What's the most surprising thing you've found building community, Ed?
There should be a Product Hunt "Hacker News for X" list. :P