An intelligent sales assistant. "Slack for sales"


Jade Clark
@jadenyc · PR/Branding Consultant
Whoa. What a beautiful, unique website. Super impressed with the packaging & marketing of this app. Loving this whole AI personal assistant trend.
Danny Fiorentini
@dannyfiorentini · Founder of @MuzeekHQ
Incredible front-page UX. Well done!
James Pember
@jamesepember · CEO, Sparta
Cool. Most important question - Does it integrate with Salesforce.com?
Stewart Rogers
@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
I've been following Inbot for some time now - really pleased to see it out in the wild. As someone that - before my move into running businesses - was at the sharp end of sales, this would have been perfect for me. Congrats to the team for getting this from concept to product. Check out Barry Levine's exclusive on VentureBeat for more background - http://ven… See more