Introducing the M1™ electric skateboard

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Dear @caseyneistat & @shonduras Please do a review of this electric skateboard so the world can know if it's cool Thanks Everyone Some cool features: - Swappable battery packs - LED lights on front and back
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@bentossell @samsheffer did an early review of the M1, and @techcrunch has a review too. Sam's review is here Techcrunch review is here
@bentossell Got my board in November. I absolutely love it. And the team behind the board is incredible. I live in LA but flew up to Santa Cruz to meet Ryan, Theo, and Leo. They took me out riding and showed me around their shop – just so passionate. As for the board, it's incredible. It's fast. Charges super quick. The remote is comfortable and responsive. The white lights on the front are super bright and actually light up the road in front of you (not just so people can see you, which is what the back red lights do). It's lightweight enough to carry a block or two and it's easy to use if/when the battery dies – rides just like a longboard (no drag). Also, I can confirm that it can go up decent sized hills as I've used it to ride uphill when getting off the beach (on pavement, not sand). I ride it to and from my office in Santa Monica everyday. Everywhere I go, I get stopped and tons of questions and compliments about the board follow. Only thing I haven't really tested is max range but I easily have gone 5+ miles on it before charging it. For $1400, it's great.
Cool but it's so expensive 😔. Waiting for e-longboard with good-for-market price 🚀
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@gogola we offer financing through can get an M1 for as low as $120/month!
@spyglasscircle @gogola it looks awesome but financing it doesn't make it cheaper in total... just remember that you can easily get a scouter or even a used car for that money when its just about transportation.
@danielschlossfr @gogola you sure can get a used car or used scooter for that price, but then you'd have to pay for insurance, parking, gas, and have to deal with traffic. :)
See this video by @SamSheffer
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Sharktank raised some good questions, but I'd definitely still try it. Just not a buyer at over $1,000 🤑
@rueter What about if you could finance the M1 for as low as $120/month? We teamed up with Paypal to offer financing directly in our checkout system.
@spyglasscircle Nah, but I hope you guys kill it. Great ST presentation, and cool in-wheel technology. Just have to wait to get the price down. You guys will be the ones to create the first viable hover board, this is just an incremental step :)
@rueter Eep! Hoverboards! You must be a Mark Cuban fan... jk! $4/day is too much for you @rueter ?
@spyglasscircle I'm just a poor, struggling app developer who can barely afford my server fees 😥
@rueter I feel you! I've had a few startups myself (Inboard is my 3rd one!). but just so you know, the quality level of an M1 is much higher than the knock-off boards you see going for sub-$1k. :)
A new electric skateboard that combines in-wheel motors, a battery you can swap in seconds, and integrated LED lights.
@erictwillis Thanks for posting!!