When should you think that you may be able to do something unusually well?

Inadequate Equilibria explores the central question of when we can (and can’t) expect to spot systemic inefficiencies, and exploit them.

It's a sharp and lively guidebook for anyone questioning when and how they can know better, and do better, than the status quo.

Nathan Bashaw
Malcolm Ocean
Jeremy Schlatter
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  • Nathan Bashaw
    Nathan BashawHead of Product at Gimlet Media

    The best explanation I've ever read of why some things in society are nowhere near as good as they could be.


    Some of the later chapters are a bit less compelling.

    You should definitely read this book.

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Malo, COO at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. @eliezeryudkowsky is known for being one of the early voices raising awareness of potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence. One thing he definitely isn’t known for, though, is his modesty :) Eliezer has a new book out arguing for an alternative to “modest epistemology,” a view that can be crudely summarized as: “You can’t expect to be able to do X that isn’t usually done, since you could just be deluding yourself into thinking you’re better than other people.” The book, “Inadequate Equilibria: Where and How Civilizations Get Stuck,” introduces inadequacy analysis, a tool to help answer the question: “When should I think that I may be able to do something unusually well?” A lot of people here are trying to outperform the status quo, and do/build great things. I hope/expect this book will be a valuable read for many of you. It definitely was for me. You can read the full book online on the website at equilibriabook.com, or if reading on your iPad or Kindle is more your style, it’s also available for Kindle, on iBooks, or as a “pay-what-you-want” digital download (in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats). And for those of you who love a physical book, there’s a dead tree version on Amazon as well. We’re excited to hear your thoughts!